About usMobik was established in 2007 and is a licensed provider of Telecommunication services with headquarters in Ljubljana, Slovenia. With fast growth came new opportunities, which led to expanding our business to new areas and opening an office in South Africa.

Mobik entity is active in global business, with focus in the EMEA region. This leads to mutual work with our regional office in developing the SADC region of Africa.

Services provided by Mobik are designed for incumbents and mobile operators, as well as for wholesale operators and alternative operators.

The consolidation of Telecommunication markets seen today has its benefits, but it also slows down the business dynamic flow. Mobik therefore strives to introduce new and efficient ways of connecting businesses around the world so it can keep growing.

As a company with a highly efficient network we can work faster and react to market changes with precise actions which insure quality decision control and result in highly profitable business results for everyone involved.

Mobik’s portfolio includes all Telecommunication segments, with special emphasis on Voice, Data and service providing products for large B2B applications and the end-customer segment. Being a one-stop solution provider makes Mobik a suitable partner, maximizing ever-dropping margins with innovative business relations and state-of-the-art technology developments.